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How to Keep the Sexual Spark in your Long Distance Relationship

All relationships take work but if you're in a long distance relationship, you'll need to make extra effort to keep your love alive. Living apart from your partner can be a real challenge, however, there are many easy, low cost tricks that you can use to keep the spark in your relationship. It's important to realise that sexual interest between you and your partner will only be maintained if you truly desire eachother. Therefore, it's essential that you're able to strike up desire from a distance. Of course, you'll want to do this without causing eachother sexual frustration! Consider trying these fun and frisky tips to help your love last.


Many couples in long distance relationships enjoy sexing in order to turn eachother on from afar. Talking about sexual fantasies, past sexual encounters and plans for a steamy future reunion via text is always a sure fire way to keep sexual desire high. You could also add a few sexy selfies to your messages in order to sexual please him whilst affirming your loyalty and desire.

Phone Sex

Phone sex is the classic way to have sex with your long distance lover. Before the age of webcams and even text messaging, phone sex was the ultimate way to ignite passion without even touching the other person. You'll want to put on your most sexy bedroom voice, call your partner and tell them in no uncertain terms just what you would do to them if you were together. Don't be afraid to be descriptive! In fact, the more vivid you are, the more likely you'll be to turn your partner on without so much as a touch.

Skype or Webcam Sex

Advancements in live streaming make it easier than ever for couples in long distance relationships to see eachother in real time. In fact, it allows you to interact as if you were sitting right next to eachother. Set up steamy Skype or webcam dates and engage in mutual masturbation together. This is obviously incredibly hot but it's also an excellent way to deepen the bond that you share with your partner. You also even go as far as using props or adding sex toys in order to liven the scene. You'll also want to make sure that you're well groomed and put together as this will make your partner want you all the more!

Destination Sex

Destination sex is the perfect way to turn sex into a real adventure. If intimate time spent with your partner is limited then why not make sure that it's as exciting as possible? Meeting up in a city that's foreign to you both is exhilarating and can encourage you to take your sexual exploits to a whole new level. Whether you plan to romp on a Rio beach or ramp up the romance in Paris (it is the City of Love after all!), you'll find that destination sex creates the perfect platform for erotic play.  

Scheduling time to engage in one or two (or all!) of these techniques can be a great way to keep the sexual spark in your relationship when you live apart from your partner. It will help you to maintain that lust that you had when you first met and to deepen the sexual attraction between you. You may be apprehensive about exposing intimate moments on camera or via live streaming, however, it's something that you will grow accustomed to and begin to really enjoy! Living apart from your partner can certainly be a challenge but by following these tips you won't have to worry about the sexual desire fading from your relationship.

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